ELibUkr International Project ("Electronic Library of Ukraine: Creating Knowledge Centers at Ukrainian Universities") celebrates its first 10th anniversary in 2019.

The project (and the relevant NGO ELIBUKR) was launched in 2009 by the Kyiv Mohyla Foundation, with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Regional Mission in Ukraine for the access of Ukrainian scholars and students to world scientific information and information exchange between Ukraine and the world academic community, as well as the development of cooperation between universities, academics and other institutions in the field of the creation and use of electronic resources for science and education.
Starting with the collective initiative of the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation in America and only three Ukrainian universities - Kyiv-Mohyla academy, Chernivtsi and Kharkiv national universities - today Consortium unites 36 Ukrainian institutions: universities and academic libraries!
Universities - project participants have subscribed to 30 databases at their own expense in recent years, hundreds of thousands of students and university lecturers have received access to them, as well as over 200 more open databases, including through the portal ELibUkr.
Over the past 10 years, we have organized more than a hundred test accesses to well-known academic resources: IPRbooks from IPR MEDIA, Market Research Monitor from Euromonitor International, World eBook Library, Multi-Science, Center for Educational Literature, Grebennikon Electronic Library, MathSciNet, Encyclopaedia Britannica Academic Edition, Britannica Image Quest, Turnitin, Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO), Applied Science & Technology Source, Education Source, Humanist Source, Legal Source, Library & Information Science Source, Mary Ann Liebert Publishing, Associate for Computing Machinery, Kluwer Arbitration, Kluwer Law Online, International Encyclopaedia of Laws collection online, East View, PQDT, Emerald, Oxford journals, Royal Society of Chemistry, JSTORE and others.
Trainings and webinars were held.
Scientists of Ukraine also continued to use the opportunity to archive their own publications in well-organized open electronic archives - their own institutional repositories of participating universities - and we already have 37 of them.
As you know, the greatest dream of all those who started the project: for the second year in a row, - is that the state (through the Ministry of Education and Science) would finance the subscription of important academic resources: Web of Science and Scopus, and our Consortium has started this process.
We are sincerely grateful to each member of the Project's Expert and Executive Council and for all project coordinators from each institution for your work, support, assistance, advice during the implementation of the project and the identification of priorities for the future.
Marta Farion, Project Manager, Chairman of the Project Steering Committee, President of the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation.
Tetyana Yaroshenko, Executive Director of ELIBUKR, Vice-President of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.