Pilot testing of the Research Portal for Quality Assurance in Higher Education took place within the  project "Ukrainian quality assurance e.service for education".


As part of the project "Ukrainian quality assurance e.service for education", during March 2020 a new portal was tested.

With the help of the portal, educational system users and managers will conduct the focused research and surveys of a wide range of the system beneficiaries.

According to the survey results, the portal will form an appropriate analysis of the external quality assurance of education system. Also, the portal functionality will inform the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine on operational issues in education, track trends and tendencies.

It will also ensure that decision-making criteria are in place in the field of higher education and will facilitate the establishment of accessible and understandable reporting, supported by disregarded data.

The research results will inform about the need to conduct operational inspections of quality assurance systems and mechanisms for working with the received recommendations.

In the further steps of the portal development, special attention will be paid to the development of a module for monitoring the effectiveness of quality assurance procedures for educational and professional training, as well as automation of preparation and publication of statistical information for reports on quality of higher education in Ukraine.

У свою чергу бенефеціари системи будуть мати 24/7 доступ до безпосереднього впливу на якість освіти та власного досвіду в системі вищої освіти Україні. Вони матимуть можливість залишати відгук на безпосередні навчальні програми, на якість навчання на відповідних програмах, та у своєму університеті в цілому. Вони також зможуть надавати відгук на більш стратегічні рішення у системі забезпечення якості освіти. At another point, the beneficiaries of the system will have 24/7 access to a direct impact on the quality of education and their own experience in the higher education system of Ukraine. 

They will have the opportunity to leave feedback:

  • on direct curricula,
  • on the quality of education in the relevant programs,
  • and on their university overall.

They will also be able to respond to more strategic decisions in the education quality assurance system.

At the university level, heads of institutions will have access to the appropriate level of analytics, which will inform them about possible strategic and operational decisions to ensure the quality of education in their universities.

Access to the portal will be restricted to users of the education system only. They will be properly authenticated in the system.

This will protect against the provision of inaccurate data, as well as ensure the confidentiality of data, which will eliminate any dishonest impact.

In the future, it will be possible to add login through other providers, such as Google, if the Higher Education Institutions is using the corporate environment (the provider must support the OpenID Connect protocol).

It is also possible to establish cooperation with id.gov.ua to use other means of identification: EDS, etc.).