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Today ensuring the quality of higher education is a requirement and a key principle of the Bologna Declaration, an indisputable priority for the academic community and the state educational policy of the Europe and other world's developed countries.


In 2020-2021, the NGO ELIBUKR in partnership implements the project "Assistance in overcoming corruption in the higher education system through the development of the accreditation system of educational programs", funded by the International Renaissance Foundation. The project aims to develop an online system for accreditation of educational programs, which is one of the main components of ensuring the quality of higher education, reducing corruption in higher education, increasing openness and availability of data on educational programs. The system will be used for accreditation procedures and as a source of big data for studying the state of affairs with the quality of higher education at the level of educational programs, at the institutional level, for the formation of appropriate public policy.

Since 2019, for purpose of the strategic goal of promoting the quality of higher education, ELibUkr, the Bulgarian Embassy in Ukraine and Bulgarian Development Cooperation, have implemented the project: Ukrainian quality assurance e.service for education".

The purpose of the project: Creation of technological tools for conducting regular student surveys in different universities of the country, conducting studies of Ukrainian higher education on the basis of big data, standardization of algorithms for ensuring the quality of higher education in all Ukrainian universities.

On May 27, 2019, the project agreement was signed at the Bulgarian Embassy in Ukraine (Read more).






Ensuring the quality of higher education is a requirement of modernity, an indisputable priority for the academic community and public education policy in countries of The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and other developed countries.

Education and science affect all structural elements of any society, are a factor in its modernization, social, technological, and innovative development. They are also included in the parameters of national security. Without exaggeration, the future of the country depends on the quality of higher education.

Students are stakeholders and real participants in the quality assurance system of educational activities in universities. Their opinion is important for assessing the quality of teaching, as well as for the development of training courses and educational programs.

One of the main tools for assessing the quality of Higher Education Institutions is regular student surveys conducting. Unfortunately, such surveys, particularly in Ukraine, have not yet become a daily practice for most Higher Education Institutions. Also, algorithms for the systematic application of their results have not yet been created.

The project aims to change the situation for the better by developing a technical and methodological solution for conducting surveys of students (also, if necessary, surveys of any other stakeholders, including graduates and employers) and creating an Independent Nationwide Research Portal for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.





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